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    Xin chào các a/c/e. Mình có bài tập này mong các a/c/e giúp đỡ với ạ. Xin cảm ơn rất nhiều!!!
    a) Load the image scene.bmp into Matlab, Load the letter ‘e.bmp’ Create a matched filter and correlate the letter e with the scene. Use standard correlation where you extract each window (same size as e) in the scene, perform inner-product of e with that window and store the correlation value. Repeat this for all spatial locations of the window. Measure the time it takes to do this (use tic and toc in Matlab).

    b) Choose an appropriate threshold that will detect all the ‘e’s in the correlation output in (a) and draw a rectangular bounding box in the original scene image. Plot this scene image with the detected ‘e’ characters. Also give us your threshold value

    c) Do the same experiment as in (a) but use FFTs to perform correlation using the Fourier transform properties. Measure the time taken to perform the cross correlation using FFTs. Draw the correlation output as a 2D image and compare to that of (a). Draw the bounding boxes of where the letter ‘e’ was detected just as you did in (b), comment on the differences or similarities with these results and the results you obtained in (b).

    Link file ảnh:

    OCR.zip - Google Drive

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